ONV PoE POE31108PF product


Application Situations
◆ Million HD surveillance
transmission and power supply
◆ Wireless AP distribution transmission and power supply
◆ VoIP transmission, intelligent home systems
◆ City intelligent traffic monitoring system (ITS), safe city, and wireless city

◆ Highway surveillance system, electronic road surveillance, snapshot system
◆ large industrial factory& enterprise security surveillance system, network multifunction system
◆ Remote multimedia teaching & campus surveillance, video conferencing systems

◆ Building intercom, wireless communications, video surveillance


Order Information:
Product Model: ONV-POE31108PF
Product Description8x 100M ports+1x gigabit optical electronic multiplexing port+1x gigabit optical port PoE switch, among which port 1 to port 8 supports POE, IEEE 802.3af international standard, each port power is 15.4W, the whole power is 130W
Ordering NoteDefault PoE power type is end-span(12, 36 line pair), mid-span(45, 78 line pair) optional


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Брой портове:  10
Максимална скорост:  100 Mbps

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