Antec C40 (0761345-10929-1) product


Antec C40

High Performance CPU Cooler

Combat heat with Antec’s C40 CPU Cooler. Designed for leading Intel and AMD processors, the C40 CPUCooler features an 8 mm thick copper coldplate and nickel-plated aluminum fins with four embedded heat pipes, achieving maximum heat transference as well as lightweight durability. And with a stealthily quiet blue LED PWM (pulse width modulation) fan, the C40 CPU Cooler defeats your system’s heat every time, without breaking a sweat.

SILENT LED FAN: Whisper-quiet, 92mm blue LED PWM fan
FULL COPPER COLDPLATE & FOUR HEAT PIPES: Four high performance heat pipes and 8mm thick copper coldplate work together to quickly transfer heat away from your CPU
UNIQUE HEATSINK DESIGN: Unique fin structure dissipates heat efficiently, while aluminum oxide coating prevents oxidation
BROAD SOCKET COMPATIBILITY: Compatibility with Intel and AMD platforms, and the push-pin mounting system and included thermal paste make for a fast, simple installation


CPU socket
Intel®: LGA1366/LGA1156/LGA1155/LGA1151/LGA1150/LGA775
AMD™: FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2
CPU Support
Intel®: Core i7 Extreme, Core i7/i5/i3, Core 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo Pentium / Pentium G , Celeron/Celeron G
AMD™: FX 8/ 6 /4-Core, Phenom II X6/ X4/ X3/ X2, Phenom X4/ X3/ X2, Athlon II X4/ X3/ X2, Athlon X4/ X2 Athlon, Sempron, Business Class
Bearing Type: Rifle Bearing
Fan Dimension: 92x92x25mm
Fan Speed: 800~2200± 10% RPM
Max. Air Flow: 38 CFM
Noise: 16-23 dB (A)
Product Warranty: 3 Years
Power Connector: 4 pin
Product Dimensions: 136.5 x 100 x 77 mm
Net Weight: 540 g

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