Y-Cam EVO WiFi HMHDI07 product

IP камера Y-Cam Evo, за дома/преносима, 1 Mpix(1280x720), 3.6mm обектив, H.264, IR осветеност( до 8 метра), вътрешна, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, 1x microUSB Type B

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Y-Cam Evo Wi-Fi

Evo Indoor HD Wi-Fi Security Camera
Evo Indoor HD Wi-Fi Security CameraFREE rolling 7 day cloud storageSafe and SecureQuick & Easy set upRelevant NotificationsAccess on the go

Evo Indoor HD Wi-Fi Security Camera

A quick and easy to setup HD security camera, Y-cam Evo lets you see and hear what's happening at your home or business from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

It’s perfect for watching entrances, pets and minding your loved ones anytime of the day or night. Y-cam Evo instantly alerts you when motion is detected. Watch live or review your last 7 days’ of recordings which are securely stored in your cloud account, safe from theft. Unlike other cloud cameras, storage is FREE. Add as many indoor and outdoor cameras as you like and manage them from one account.

To set up your Y-cam you will need

Computer Smart Device
A compatible iPhone, iPad or Android device with Bluetooth 4.1
Download the free Y-cam app from iTunes (iOS 8.1 & above) or Google Play (Android 4.4 & above).
If you would like to set up and monitor your Y-cam Evo with your iPad you will need to download the iPhone app to your iPad
Upload Speed Upload Speed
Minimum upload speed of 0.5 Mbps per camera
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Wireless Network with WPA or WPA2 Security running on 2.4 GHz frequency

Colour, 100° field of view

Image Resolution
HD (1280 x 720)

Night Vision
Up to 8m

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth 4.1

Power Input
100-240V - 50/60Hz 0.5A

Power Output
5V 2A

Camera Dimensions
52 x 52 x 28mm

Camera Weight

Camera and Stand Dimensions
52 x 70 x 57mm

Camera and Stand Weight

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Технически характеристики

Вид:  За дома
Външен монтаж:  Не
Безжична:  Да
IR Осветление:  Да
Мрежова:  Да
Разделителна способност, max:  1MP
Аудио:  Говорител

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