Fortron Power Supply FSP270-60LE 270W product

Захранване Fortron FSP270-60LE, 270W, Active PFC, FlexATX

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Model Name FSP270-60LE
Wattage 270W
Dimension 150mm (L) × 81.5 mm (W) × 40.5mm (H)

Product Highlight
Efficiency Level 80 Plus
Altitude 2000M
PMBus For standard, advanced server, NAS and industrial power system.

General Specification
Effciency 80% 230VAC

Voltage Regulation
+3.3V, +12V, +5V, +5SB: ±5%
-12V: ±10%

PWOK Delay Time 500ms > PWOK > 100ms

Input Electrical Specification

Input Frequency: 47 ~ 63 Hz

Input Current
115V@ 5.0 Amps-rms maximum
230V@ 3.0 Amps-rms maximum

Hold-up time
115V/60Hz 17mSec. Minimum@100% Load
230V/50Hz 17mSec. Minimum@100% Load

Output Specification

Ouput Voltage Regulation

+3.3Vdc output : +3.5 Vdc minimum, + 4.8Vdc maximum
+5Vdc output : +5.5 Vdc minimum, + 6.82Vdc maximum
+12Vdc output : +13.4 Vdc minimum, + 15.6Vdc maximum

Ripple & Noise
115V-rms/230V-rms 5V 20ms Maximum
115V-rms/230V-rms 12V 20ms Maximum

Over current protection

3.3V:50mV p-p
5V:50mV p-p
12V1:120mV p-p
12V2:120mV p-p
-12V:120mV p-p
5Vsb:50mV p-p

Short Circuit Protection
load < 0.1 Ohm

Environmental Requirement

Temperature Range
Operating : 0 to +50℃
Storage :-20 to +80℃

Operating : 5-85% to % RH, Non-condensing
Storage : 5-95% to % RH, Non-condensing

The power supply have a minimum predicted MTBF(MIL-HDBK-217) of 100,000 hours of continuous operation at 25℃, maximum-output load, and nominal AC inout voltage

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Технически характеристики

Изходна мощност:  270 W
Модулен блок:  Не
Форм фактор:  Flex ATX