Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 PLUS product


Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 PLUS

The Alpine 11 PLUS is a better value-for-money option for you to replace your generic stock cooler because it provides an enhanced cooling performance and lowered noise level. Its 92mm PWM-controlled fan cools your CPU at the required temperature. Furthermore, the Alpine 11 PLUS comes with pre-applied MX-4 thermal compound and a transport-proof push-pin mounting system for quick installation and maximum user-friendliness.

Efficient Cooling Performance
The maximum cooling capacity of the Alpine 11 PLUS is 100 Watts. Its optimally-designed heatsink dissipates heat efficiently. The Alpine 11 PLUS outperforms generic stock coolers in terms of cooling performance and noise level.

Ultra Quiet
Operated with a 92mm PWM-controlled fan, the Alpine 11 PLUS remains whisper (0.4 Sone) even at full load, let alone the PWM-controlled fan will smartly runs at optimized speed (and hence lower noise level) based on actual CPU cooling demand.

Series Socket

i7 1156
i7 1155
i7 1150
i5 1156
i5 1155
i5 1150
i3 1156
i3 1155
i3 1150

Core 2 Extreme 775
Core 2 Quad 775
Core 2 Duo 775

Celeron Dual-Core 775

Pentium 775
Pentium 1156
Pentium 1155
Pentium 1150

Pentium D 775
Celeron D 775
Pentium 4 775

Celeron 1155
Celeron 1150
Xeonm 775

Pentium 4HT 775

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