Захранване 300W Spire Jewel SFX mATX Pas product


Spire Jewel SFX

In many ways the SFX form factor could be considered a /little brother/ to ATX. It is mostly interchangeable with the ATX power supply. The Spire Jewel SFX Power Supply provides everything small form factor systems need - stable power delivery, hi-efficiency, optimal cooling, low noise operation and long term reliability. The single 80mm fan provides sufficient airflow and low noise operation. It is designed for all AMD and Intel based systems and complies with 12V SFX and MINI ITX 3.0 specification.

Main Features:
* SFX Ver.:3.0 and ATX Ver:1.3 Specification Compliant
* Energy saving Power Factor Correction (PFC)
* One single independent 12V rail
* High Efficiency (82%) up to 30% less power consumption
* I/O Short Circuit- Overload- Over current-Protection

Product Specification

Features Intel SFX 12V 3.0 Specification Compliant Supports the newest Intel and AMD Micro-Processors I/O Short Circuit & Overload/OVP/OLP/SCP Protection SATA Power Connector
Dimensions 100mm X 125mm X 64mm (L X W X H)
Cooling 1 X 80mm fan
Version SFX 12V 3.0
Connectors 20+4pin 1PCS, 12V 4pin 1PCS,SATA 2PCS,IDE(Molex) 4pin 4PCS,Floppy 4pin 1PCS
Cables 20+4pin 1PCS, 12V 4pin 1PCS,2SATA 1PCS,2IDE/Floppy 1PCS,2IDE 1PCS
Case 0.60 mm matel case
PFC With Passive PFC
Rated Voltage 200~240 Vac
Frequency 50~60 Hz
Current 3A for 230VAC
Hold-up Time 16 ms(min)
P.G. Signal 100~500ms
Voltage Protection +12V trip point 13.4V - 15.6V
+5V trip point 5.74V - 7.0V
+3.3V trip point 3.76V - 4.3V
Noise Level 21 dBA Max
Application SPM210B, SP2103B, Micro-ATX and Flex ATX Systems,etc.
Certifications CE,ROHS
MTBF 100,000 Hours
Operating Temperature 0~40 oC
Storage Temperature -20~60 oC

Package Includes
1. Multilanguage Owners Manual
2. Mounting screws 5pcs
3. EU 1.5M Safty Power Cord

Nom. Power 300W

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Технически характеристики

Изходна мощност:  300 W
Модулен блок:  Не
Форм фактор:  SFX

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