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Комуникационен шкаф Lanberg FF01-6837-23BL в комплект с вентилаторен блок Lanberg AK-1502-B, 19", 37U, 600x800mm, товароносимост 800кг, черен

id 227002 Код: NTRLANBERGFF01683723BLAK15
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Free standing Lanberg cabinet FF01-6837-23BL is a solution designed to expand networks, installation of cabling and equipment in size 19” with max. 800kg. loading capacity.
It can be used in networks, server rooms, small, medium businesses and data centers which needs lot of space in cabinet for network equipment's. It can also work in low voltage systems such as cable television networks, alarm systems, fire protection systems and access control systems, CCTV and IP surveillance.
Product construction is made of high grade cold rolled steel which is characterized by an excellent design and high quality of craftsmanship. The cabinet allows full adjustment of the depth of the vertical mounting rails. Additionally, it is equipped with front perforated door with lock and possibility of installing those doors on right or left-hand side.
Rack cabinet also include LCD display mounted on the front, displaying basic information (e.g. temperature inside the cabinet, current time and current status of the fans) regarding the device’s operation status.
You can put the wiring through cable entrances on top and bottom (with blank entry panels). The fan tray includes 4 fans 230V. Moreover, package includes additional accessories for rails installation, M6 cage nuts and blank entry panels. Cabinet structure is for self-assembly and consists of three flat packs, which facilitates transport.

Product features:
- Manufacturer: Lanberg,
- Manufacturer's code: FF01-6837-23BL,
- Cabinet type: Free-standing,
- Color: Black RAL9004,
- Height: 37U,
- Cabinet dimensions (W x D x H): 600x800x1876 mm,
- Height (top panel - bottom panel): 1797 mm,
- Height (top panel - ground): 1870 mm,
- Height (top panel - ground including screws): 1876 mm,
- LCD display: Yes,
- Floor panel: 4 castors with brakes + adjustable legs,
- Internal width spacing between rack rails: 450 mm,
- Width of the spacing between entry holes of rack rails: 465 mm,
- External width spacing between rack rails: 500 mm,
- Loading capacity: To 800 KG,
- Protection rating: IP20,
- Top with fan tray: included 4 fans 230V in top cover,
- Doors type: Front - Perforation, Rear - Perforation,
- Standard: ANSI/EIA RS-310D, IEC297-2, DIN41494; PART1 & PART7, ETSI,
- Material: High grade cold rolled steel, powder coated,
- Glass thickness: 5.0 mm,
- Sheet thickness: vertical mounting rails - 2,00 mm; mounting profile - 2,00 mm; others - 1,50 mm - 1,20 mm,
- Cable entry panel: Top, Bottom (adjustable),
- Accessories included: Bag, locks for front and rear doors and two side panels, 20 cage nuts M6.


Lanberg AK-1502-B

Lanberg's horizontal ventilation panel 1U 230V with LCD and 2 fans + thermostat; designed for 19" cabinets.



- Suitable for installation in all 19 "server cabinets,

- Thermostat temperature adjustment via the LCD panel,

- The nominal voltage: 230V, 50Hz,

- 2 Fans,

- Height 1U,

- Dimensions (length x width x height): 192 x 483 x 44.45 mm,

- Color: black RAL9004.

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Височина:  42U Unit
Дълбочина:  800 mm

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