Fan Controller DeepCool ROCK MASTER V3.0  product

Fan Controller, DeepCool ROCK MASTER V3.0, 5.25“ (13.34cm), 2x USB 3.0, card reader

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    4 channels to adjust your fan speed to the most comfort.
    2 USB 3.0 extension ports.
    CF/SD/Micro SD card reader.
    Fit into the 5.25" bay, easy to install.


    Application For
    Fan Control Panel for 5.25" Bay.

    Technical Spec

    Overall Dimension: 148.5X68.5X42mm
    Net Weight: 255g
    Rated Voltage: 12V and 5V
    Operating Voltage: 11~13V and 4~6V
    Quantity of regulated output: 4
    Regulated max Power output: <40W
    Voltage of Fan (12V): 6.5VDC~11.5VDC
    Voltage of Fan (5V): 2.5VDC~4.5VDC
    LED Color: Blue

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