Evercool TC-200 product
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Термо-паста за CPU/GPU, Evercool TC-200, 200g

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Evercool TC-200

(TC 200) is a hight performace thermal grease for use in CPU's , GPU's , Chipset and other PC component to get best heat dissipation.

• High thermal conductivity & high penetrability.
• Excellent stability and under a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions.
• Stable consistency.


Contents - Thermal compound x 1 Spreader x 1
Color - Gray
Thermal conductivity - 3.8W / mK
Work temperature - -50°C~150°C
Thermal resistance - 0.017c-in 178; / W
Weight - 200 g

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Технически характеристики

Тип:  Термо паста
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