Клещи за кримпване Lanberg NT-0202 product
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Lanberg universal crimping tool for wires terminated with RJ11/12/45 connector

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Lanberg’s crimping tool NT-0202 is an essential product intended for any installer, who has, on a daily basis, contact with the ICT and telecommunications network wiring.

This device (with its double arms) can be used for crimping all kinds of cable connectors such as RJ-11, RJ-12 and RJ-45.

On top of that, this convenient tool has a built-in additional insulation stripper intended for flat and round cables with a diameter of approx. 6mm.

Due to the special ratchet mechanism, insufficient pressure placed connectors can be prevented.

All in all, this tool’s simplicity and multi-functionality of this device, allows it to meet the expectations of both amateurs and professional, when it comes to crimping network cable connectors.

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