Transcend 64GB CF Card (400X) product


64GB Transcend Premium CompactFlash 400x

Conforms to CF Type I Standards, Supports Ultra DMA Mode 0-6, Supports High-End DSLR, CompactFlash 4.1 Compliant
Built-In ECC Technology, ATA Interface, Low Power Consumption, Multi-Platform Compatibility
Durability: 10,000 Insertion/Removal Cycles
Ultra-Fast 400X Performance with Four Channel Support
Тип CF Card (400X)
Капацитет, MB 65536 MB
Скорост на четене, MB/s 90 MB/s read
Скорост на запис, MB/s 60 MB/s write
Памет, тип CF Card (400X)

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Технически характеристики

Капацитет:  64 GB
Тип:  CompactFlash
Клас скорост:  400x Compact Flash

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