8GB USB Flash Corsair Voyager product


Corsair announced immediate availability of a new 8GB Flash VoyagerUSB drive. Encased in the Corsair proprietary all-rubber Flash Voyager housing and boasting water-resistant
temperature tolerant properties, the new 8GB drive allows users to carry more valuable data and applications withoutcompromise. Equipped with a security application and featuring enhanced dual channel technology, the 8GB FlashVoyager delivers an ideal combination of functionality, capacity and performance.
Favored by those who are on the go, the Flash Voyager drives bring additional features to make the perfect mobile USBFlash drive companion. First in the industry to feature an all-rubber housing, the FlashVoyager USB drive performs reliably even under the most extreme conditions.
Whether it isexposed to severe temperature, moisture or physical abuse, the Flash Voyager performsconsistently to hold the valuable data. To promote data security, each Flash Voyager isreadied with a security application that allows users to create a hidden, password-protectedpartition on the USB drive. The password is encrypted with 256bit AES encryption, the mostsecure encryption algorithms available.
The Flash Voyager 8GB is engineered with enhanced dual channel technology todays most advanced flash technology,providing the greatest performance and product longevity. The new 8GB USB drive delivers blazing fast read and writeperformance up to 33Mb/sec and 16Mb/sec respectively.
Just how much storage is 8GB We recently downloaded Pirates of the Caribbean* from the Apple iTunes Movie Storeand found that the entire film (taking over an hour to download) is a 1.64GB file. That means you can store 4 similarmovies on one 8GB Flash Voyager! Imagine having the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy in your pocket. Whats more,while it took over an hour to download this video, with the super fast 8GB Flash Voyager USB you can move it from a PChard drive to your 8GB Flash Voyager in just 10 seconds!The 8GB Flash Voyager product is a natural extension to our award winning Flash Voyager product line, explainedRichard Hashim, Director of Product Marketing. With the proliferation of media formats and movie download services,our users expect Corsair to provide them with the best performing and largest capacity Flash Drives available.
The 8GBFlash Voyager can hold up to four full length feature films, and you can move a movie on or off the 8GB Flash Voyager in about 10 seconds."

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Технически характеристики

Капацитет:  8 GB
Стандарт:  USB 2.0

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