6 TB HGST HUS726060AL5211 product

Твърд диск 6 TB HGST Ultrastar HUS726060AL5211, SAS 12Gb/s, 7200rpm, 128 MB, 3.5" (8.89 cm)

  • Модел: 6 TB Ultrastar HUS726060AL5211 SAS
  • Марка: HGST|
  • Код: HDDPCHGSTHUS726060AL5211Твърд диск 6 TB HGST Ultrastar HUS726060AL5211, SAS 12Gb/s, 7200rpm, 128 MB, 3.5" (8.89 cm)
  • Гаранция: 36 месеца|
  • Код на продукта: HUS726060AL5211
  • Наличност: Стар продукт
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    ОписаниеТехнически характеристики
    HGST Ultrastar


    When you are looking for economical, high-capacity enterprise-class storage, look to the Ultrastar® 7K6000. Designed to handle workloads up to 550TB per year, it delivers the value and performance you need for data center storage. With outstanding random write and sequential performance, the Ultrastar 7K6000 delivers 6TB of capacity in a 3.5-inch form factor. Innovations like patented Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) sensor technology optimize drive reliability in multi-drive RAID arrays and rack-mounted systems. Engineered for the highest quality, the Ultrastar 7K6000 passes stringent reliability testing. The ultra-reliable Ultrastar 7K6000 reduces downtime, eliminates service calls and minimizes TCO. Rely on the Ultrastar 7K6000 to deliver value and performance to the cost-sensitive data center.


    Interface- SAS 12Gb/s

    Capacity (TB)- 6TB

    Sector size (bytes)- 512, 520, 528

    Available (Gbits/sq. in)- 512e/4Kn: 703 (6TB)


    Data buffer (MB)- 128

    Rotational speed (RPM)- 7200

    Latency average, (ms) - 4.16

    Interface transfer rate (MB/s, max) - 1200

    Sustained transfer rate:

    (MiB/sec, typ.) - 216 (6TB)

    (MB/sec, typ.) - 227 (6TB)

    Seek time (read/write, ms, typical) - 7.6 / 8.0


    Error rate (non-recoverable, bits read) 1 in 10 15

    Load/Unload cycles (at 40°C) - 600,000

    MTBF (M hours) - 2.0

    Annualized Failure Rate 2 (AFR) - 0.44%

    Availability (hrs/day x days/wk) - 24x7


    Idle/Operating (Bels, typical) - 3.6


    Requirement- +5V, +12V

    Operating (W, typical) - 11.0

    Idle (W) - 7.7

    Power consumption efficiency at idle:

    (Watts/TB) - 1.3 (6TB)

    (Watts/GB) - 0.0013 (6TB)

    Physical size

    z-height (mm, max) - 26.1

    Dimensions (width x depth, mm) - 101.6 (+/-0.25) x 147

    Weight (g, max) - 715

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    Технически характеристики

    Размер:  3.5" (8.89cm)
    Капацитет:  6000 GB
    Интерфейс:  SAS 12Gb/s
    Обороти:  7200 rpm

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