Hama EMC-500 182698
Hama EMC-500 182698Hama EMC-500 182698Hama EMC-500 182698

Мишка Hama EMC-500 182698, вертикална, оптична(1800 dpi), 6x бутона, USB, гейминг, черна

id 143715 Код: MOHAMA182698
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ОписаниеХарактеристикиРевюта / Въпроси
Hama Vertical, Ergonomic "EMC-500" Mouse, Cabled, 6 Buttons, black

Vertically designed mouse prevents excessive strain and pain in the shoulder and wrist
DPI switch for adjusting the pointer speed
High-resolution optical sensor ensures precise and smooth control of the mouse cursor
Browser buttons provide quick access to the forward/back functions in the Web browser for easy navigation
Rubberized surface for improved grip and comfort

Germans spend an average of seven to nine hours a day at the workplace or in their home office. So it’s all the more important that the desk at work and at home is ergonomically arranged with the aim of maintaining and improving health. In particular, the hand that is used to operate the mouse is subject to considerable strain each day.

Our vertical, ergonomic mouse supports you in assuming an ergonomically correct hand posture, and prevents overstraining and pain in the shoulders and wrist.

Our ‘EMW-500’ mouse is not a simplified version of a standard mouse, but is equipped with everything needed to make office work with a mouse easier and more relaxed. Use the browser buttons to easily navigate back and forth within your Internet browser.

Vertical design
two sidelong buttons
ergonomic shape

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)
Colour Black

Electrospecific Properties
Resolution 1000/1400/1800 dpi

Connectivity (Connection)
Connection Cable
Connection USB-A Plug

Size & Weight
Cable Length 180 cm
Width x Depth x Height 8.6 x 11,5 x 7,1 cm

Physical Properties
Model Standard Mouse
Number of Mouse Buttons 6 Buttons incl. Scroll Wheel
Scroll Function Scroll Wheel
Sensors Optical

System Requirements
Operating system: Windows 10/8/7/Vista, Mac OS 10.10 or later

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    Технически характеристики

    Тип на връзката:  Жична
    Интерфейс:  USB
    Цвят:  Черен
    Размер:  Нормален
    Препоръчана за Игри:  Не

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