Glorious GAMO-955
Glorious GAMO-955Glorious GAMO-955Glorious GAMO-955

Крачета за мишка Glorious G-Floats (GAMO-955), съвместими с мишка Glorious Model D-, черни

id 210089 Код: KMACGLORIOUSGAMO955
  • Модел: GAMO-955
  • Марка: Glorious
  • Код на продукта: GAMO-955
  • Наличност: Стар продукт
    ОписаниеРевюта / Въпроси
    Glorious G-Floats are our premium, ultra-durable and ultra-smooth mouse feet, designed for all our Glorious mice. The G-Floats are made from Polished Ceramic, giving you the most amazing, satisfying, and consistent glide you have ever experienced. So frictionless you'll feel like your mouse is floating!

    With just the right balance of speed and stopping power, our G-Floats will forever change how you game.

    Love using a hard pad but tired of changing out your skates? The unique materials and construction of the G-Floats greatly increases the lifespan. They will almost never wear down, giving you consistently high performance years after your first use.

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      Glorious GAMO-955
      • Glorious GAMO-955
      • Glorious GAMO-955
      • Glorious GAMO-955