Xiaomi Yeelight Portable LED Lamp MUE4078RT product
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Comfort features

Yeelight Table is a vivid example of the perfect combination of high quality and great design. Flexible tripod (the angle of which you can adjust at your discretion), as well as the ability to adjust brightness, and color temperature, will create the most comfortable conditions for reading before going to bed, watching your favorite TV shows or a romantic dinner.

Modern design

The perfect combination of structural elements

Working on the Yeelight Table, designers and designers have sought to create a practical device with an elegant design. A thin long flexible leg smoothly turning into a circular base — creates the effect of some refinement of the device, and a wide horn — ensures the most rational distribution of the light flux.

Adjusting the direction of light at your own discretion

Flexible leg

The flexible leg of the device is made of ABS plastic and steel. The use of these materials emphasizes the reliability of the design. The tripod (leg) of the lamp, is able to bend in different directions, it can even be rotated 360 degrees. By the result of testing, the Yeelight Table’s leg is capable of withstanding up to 10,000 bends — a fact that is really impressive.

Adjusting the glow temperature

60 integrated LEDs

60 built-in LEDs (half of which is responsible for the emission of a cold emission spectrum, and the second half for a warm spectrum) allow you to adjust a wide range of light within 2700K-6500K.

Thanks to the power regulator, you can adjust the brightness of the glow — from bright to dim.

Specialists in optics have identified the most optimal arrangement of LEDs as a result of numerous laboratory tests. In addition, the LEDs have a very good color rendition — 88 Ra.

Eye protection against blue radiation

The use of special lamellar diffusers (made of light filtering materials) in the design of a table lamp, has significantly reduced the amount of harmful blue glow.

Up to 5 hours of battery life

Thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh, the lamp is able to work in the standard mode for up to 5 hours. If you like reading in the evening in a park or library, just take the Yeelight Table with you, because it will not leave you in the dark.

Universal recharging

The stand-alone desk lamp can be charged from the USB Micro USB port. Thanks to which the device is easy to charge both from the PC and from the paver, which emphasizes the fact that the lamp is designed to provide maximum user comfort.

Touch Control Panel

Convenient adjustment

Based on the lamp there are touch control buttons that allow you to adjust the brightness and color temperature and accordingly turn on / off the device.


Manufacturer Yeelight
Model Smart table lamp YLTD02YL
Material Polycarbonate, ABS plastic
Use Indoors, outdoors
Weight 650 g
Lifetime Approx. 25,000 hours
Color temperature 2700-6500 K
Brightness range 20% —100%
Luminous flux 260 lumens
Irradiation angle 120°
Color Rendering Index 88 Ra
Input power 5 W
Input 5V 1A
Color White
Package 1x Lamp
1x MicroUSB cable (1 m)
1x User’s Manual

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Технически характеристики

Тип:  Портативна лампа
Монтаж:  Настолна
Влагозащитеност:  Не е указано
Мощност:  5 W
Напрежение:  5 V
Светлинен поток:  260 lm
Цветна температура:  Регулируема (2700-6500K)
Цвят на корпуса:  Бял
Особеност:  Презареждаема

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