Xiaomi QBKG24LM product

Смарт превключвател Xiaomi Aqara Mi Mijia (QBKG24LM), за стена, включване/изключване на осветление, Wi-Fi, бял

  • Модел: QBKG24LM
  • Марка: Xiaomi
  • Гаранция: 24 месеца
  • Код на продукта: QBKG24LM
  • Тип: Смарт управляващ модул
  • Вид: Управляващо устройство
  • Приложение: Осветление
  • Особеност: Умен Дом
  • Наличност: Стар продукт
    ОписаниеХарактеристикиРевюта / Въпроси
    Do you ever think about how many times you turn on / off the lighting controls? Do you ever feel that how convenient it will be if we are able to turn on / off the switch of the single or multiple groups of lights through one click on the cellphone? The Aqara smart light control is not only able to provide multiple control on the lighting system, but also comes with a remote lighting control. The ZiGBee version is the upgraded version of the traditional wall switch. Equipped with the ZigBee wireless telecommunication technology, there is no need of making a change on the old circuit or on the lighting devices. The only thing you have to do will be just replaced the old switch.

    Wireless connection: ZigBee
    Can connect to Aqara/ Xiaomi smart device and sensors
    Make your home lights/ fans smarter
    Turn on/off the light anywhere via your smart phone.
    Control by manually or smart phone App
    Zero-crossing protection,
    Over-temperature protection

    Operating humidity: 5%-95%RH (non-condensing)
    Operating temperature: -5℃-+60℃
    Load range: ≤800W / circuit, 3W energy saving lamp / 5W LED lamp / 16W fluorescent lamp at minimum Standard: Q/QLML007-2016
    Input voltage: 220V~, 50Hz for single live line

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    Технически характеристики

    Тип:  Смарт управляващ модул
    Вид:  Управляващо устройство
    Приложение:  Осветление
    Особеност:  Умен Дом

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