Xiaomi Mi Mini Robot Builder BEV4142TY product
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Конструктора се състои от 978 парчета, завършените модели са с възможност за "радио" управление от вашият смартфон посредством апликация от PlayStore или AppStore.
Самобалансиращи се (с жироскоп) динозаври, роботи, танкове, самолети или каквото въображението ви предложи ;)
Идеален подарък за деца и възрастни с интерес към роботика и високо технологични играчки!

Touch of tech to the brick

Mi Robot Builder is a modular coding toy that can be assembled into
different structures using 978 toy blocks along with other parts like wheels, hears,
and chains to make it come to life. Safe for both adult and children alike, all parts
and blocks are made out of eco-friendly material which is safe for used.

Self-balancing mechanism
for perfect balancing

Mi Robot Builder’s main engine is powered by a CPU processor and a proprietary operating system, allowing the robot to perform perfectly coordinated actions. It also comes with four USB type-C ports, which provides power to the robot and interfaces with other components. Thanks to the inverted pendulum algorithm, the completed structure is stable enough to keep itself upright and move forward while supporting up to 3kg in weight.

Powerful brushless motors

Mi Robot Builder uses two high-speed brushless motors with rotating speed up to 170rpm and rotating torque capacity up to 25N.cm. When standing upright, the completed structure is able to support 3kg object on top of its weight. To help the robot to accurately determine the speed and direction, the motor has built-in photoelectric encoder which also puts the motor into idle mode when it is stalled to prevent motor from overstraining.

Program without writing a single line of code

Intelligently control your robot without even connecting to a computer.
You can simply drag and drop complex command code to the robot
right from your smartphone. You can even learn how to program through
a series of tutorials on the Mi Robot Builder app.

Производител: Xiaomi
Тип: Интерактивен сглобяем робот
Модел: Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder
Брой части: 978
Материал: Нетоксични материали, безопасни за детето
- Interface Expansion Sensor
    - Wireless Extension Sensor
    - Жироскоп
Управление от мобилно приложение: Да
Самобалансиране: Да
Батерия: 11.1V/18.3Wh lithium battery
Процесор: 32-bit ARM Cortex Mx processor, 108MHz max
Мотор: Серво мотор
Памет: 32Mb Flash
- 3 в 1
    - 3 в 1
    - Самолет
    - Робот
WiFi: Да
Bluetooth: Да
Други: робот, самолет и динозавър.

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Технически характеристики

Тип:  Електронни играчки
Вид:  Оръжия и Роботи
Особеност:  Робот
Тема:  Обща
Пол:  Мъжки
Употреба:  У дома
Цвят:  Многоцветен
Материал:  Пластмаса
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