Wacom Intuos S CTL-4100K-N product


Wacom Intuos S

Tablet Dimensions - 200 x 160 x 8.8 mm
(5.3mm height at front)"
7.87 x 6.3 x 0.35 in
Tablet Weight - 230g
Product box dimensions (single box) (l x w x h):
227 x 187 x 35.5 mm
8.9 x 7.4 x 1.4 in
Product box weight (single box): 500g


Battery Type/Battery Cell Composition - N/A
Battery Capacity - N/A
Battery Power (in Watts) - N/A
Battery Weight - N/A
Continuous operation time/Charging Time - N/A

Active Area - 152 x 95 mm (6.0 x 3.7 in.)
Tablet Material Plastic - (PC+ABS)

Pen Name - Wacom Pen 4K
Pen Pressure Levels - 4096 on pen tip
Pen Type - Cordless, pressure-sensitive, battery-free pen with built-in pen nib compartment and nib removal tool at end
Number of pen switches - 2
Resolution - 100 lines/mm (2,540 lpi)
Pen Technology - Electro-magnetic resonance
Reading height - 7mm(Center)
Maximum Report Rate/Reading speed - 133 points per second (pps)
Pen Accuracy +/- 0.25mm(Center)
Pen Dimensions 143.2 x 12 mm / 5.64 x 0.47 in
Pen Weight 11.2g (0.4oz) including 3 nibs
Number of Nibs 1 in pen, 3 replacements nibs in nib compartment built into pen
Pen stand/holder - Pen holder tag
Pen grip material type Black ABS with rubber painting on front case

USB port? Y/N - yes - USB type A on PC (Micro USB Type B on tablet)
Cable Type - PVC-free Type A (PC) to Micro B (Tablet) with L-shape plug and dark silver plating
Cable Length - 1.5m/4.9 ft.

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Технически характеристики

Вид активна площ:  Non-Display
Интерфейс:  USB
Налягане писалка:  4096 ниво на натиск
Резолюция:  2540 lpi
Размер Активна Площ:  152 x 95 mm

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