Волан с педали HAMA Thunder V5, вибрация, USB product


Hama Thunder V5 Racing Wheel
Game Console Steering Wheel

- Dual vibration with two motors for a realistic gaming experience
- Rubberised handle surface for a comfortable and better grip
- 2in1 racing wheel for Sony PS3 and PC
- Strutting in high-quality chrome look
- High precision and comfort for more pleasure during the game
- Large suction cups for more stability
- Additional clamp system for improved stability
- LED connection status display (PS3 mode)
- PS3 home button
- 12 action buttons
- Analogue accelerator and brake pedal with large contact surface
- Shifters for quick gearshift
- Digital direction pad with 8 movement directions
- Long connecting cable (steering wheel - pedal) for more freedom
- Connection: USB (with software for PC)

Connection: USB (wired)
Number of Buttons: 18
Tilt Angle Steering Wheel: 180 °
Vibration: Dual Vibration
Steering Wheel Diameter: 26 cm
Energy Supply: Console
Colour: Metallic/Red/Black

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Технически характеристики

Тип:  Волан с педали
Съвместимост:  PC/PS2/PS3
Интерфейс:  USB

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