VCom HDMI(м) към HDMI(м) 3м product


Gold plated connectors
Male(Type A) to Male(Type A) 
HDMI standard version: 2.0
HDMI 19M/M 2.0V W/3D, ethernet, 1080P,2160P@60FPS
99.96% Oxygen Free Copper conductor HDMI cable,100% metal connector
Aluminum foil with 120% shield coverage
Color : black

Feature:4kx2k resolution@60 frames per second
3D,2160P, 1080P,ethernet,Audio return
Consolidation of HD video, audio, and data in a single cable
Enables high speed bidirectional communication
Enables IP-based applications over HDMI
Transfer speeds up to 100 Mb/sec

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Технически характеристики

От какъв интерфейс:  HDMI(м)
Към какъв интерфейс:  HDMI(м)
Дължина:  3 m

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