Slim Doorphone Brave product

Slim Doorphone Brave

  • Марка: Noname
  • Модел: Slim Doorphone Brave
  • Код на производител: TN38
  • Гаранция: 12 месеца
  • Внос по заявка
  • Безплатна доставка
324.00 лв

Всички цени са с начислен ДДС



- Hands free communication powered by telephone line only
- Tone (DTMF) and Pulse dial
- 2 numbers with max 24digits saveable under each button (including *,#,Flash and Pause)
- DAY/NIGHT switching automatically from /1 time or by code from phone
- 2 independent contacts (relays) /1
- 8 different switching modes for each relay
- Switching by one or two pulses ( sliding gate) when electrical lock is used
- Electronical volume settings without neccessity open the unit
- Adjustable acoustical signalization
- Integrated color analog camera /C
- Automatical lighting for camera by infra LED /C
- Possibility of permanent feeding by external power supply 12V /1 /C
- Integrated unit heating
- Grounding output for better protection against static electricity
- PC programming by USB cable /* or remotely by DTMF ( phone). PC programm BraveSet is compatible with all Windows releases.

/C – version with camera only

/ * - option

/1 – version Comfort only

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