Samsung Magic Presenter PTR01PD CY-PTR01PD/EN product
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Лазерна показалка/Презентатор Samsung Magic Presenter PTR01PD, Bluetooth, черен

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Enrich your presentations with secure and easy-to-use Bluetooth based display technology

Users of digital signage often have difficulty highlighting key information on displays with conventional laser pointers during presentations or conferences. In addition, laser pointers can be detrimental to the eyes of the viewer when they are aimed directly into their eyes. By replacing laser pointers with Bluetooth-based pointers, participants can no longer be directly exposed to the laser. The Samsung Magic Presenter can also be easily set up by plugging the Bluetooth dongle (supplied with the Magic Presenter) into a PC or Samsung Smart Signage and launching the "Quick Install Software". The practical product can be used with both Samsung Smart Signage and PC USB ports * * If the Magic Presenter is connected directly to Samsung Smart Signage, it can only be used with DHSP / DMD / DBD / UED displays with SSSP 2nd generation used. Older DMD / DBD / UED devices may require firmware updates. Directly connected to PCs, the Magic Presenter is supported by Microsoft® Windows XP®, Vista®, Windows 7® and Windows 8® operating systems.

Increase user satisfaction with customizable options

Once the Magic Presenter software is installed, you can choose from a variety of pointer sizes, shapes and symbols to suit your individual needs. In the Magic Presenter application, you can easily select the size, shape and icon of the pointer from a drop-down menu.

General information
item name
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Overall dimensions (W x H x D)
28 x 136 x 19 mm

total weight
without battery: 0.041 (1.4 oz.), with battery: 0.065 - 2.1 oz)

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