Samsung Dream LED Black product


Samsung Dream LED

Smart feature that starts with LED
Wallet Samsung Galaxy S8 LED Flip Wallet delivers amazing capabilities through the LED display on the front. Without opening the cover via a simple LED display time, currency, volume, message, music player, I can see the battery status, and can be used more quickly and conveniently.

Charming three kinds of luxury colour
The Samsung Galaxy S8 LED Flip Wallet comes in 3 premium colors and simple design. Black, Gold and Silver.

Seulrimham to ease up
Store cards are now frequently used separately for Samsung Galaxy S8 LED Flip Wallet. The LED-equipped to provide a convenient storage space Wallet Flip did not miss a slim design also. Standard battery, remove the cover of the smartphone can be fitted easily into the flip-Wallet is a slim grip in place and retained.

Precise edge coating
It is precisely in the edge coating finish provides a comfortable grip and enhanced the completeness of the Samsung Galaxy S8 LED Flip Wallet.

Premium Stitch
Robustness with premium stitching, as made by the hands of craftsmen and of course to the luxury feel of an analog sensibility.

Automatic screen on feature
The screen automatically turns on and off when you open and close the Samsung Galaxy S8 LED Flip Wallet.

Stylish leather notebook design
Luxurious leather notes concepts and design meeting analog sensibility. Your style will keep you stand out more.

This is an original Samsung product, which is made and designed to fit perfect on your Samsung Galaxy S78 device.

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Технически характеристики

Съвместимост:  Samsung
Съвместимост Модел:  S8
Тип:  Страничен протектор (рамка)
Цвят:  Черен
Материал:  Кожен (еко кожа)
Особеност:  Стандартен