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    Hama "7.1 Surround" USB Sound Card
    USB Sound Card

    Wanting to connect some speakers, a microphone or headset to a USB interface but getting nowhere?

    Being able to use your speakers, microphone or headset is one thing but connecting it up to another device with a USB interface so you can use them simultaneously, can often prove to be a tricky task. In this situation, it is often the case that you dont have the right cables or a compatible connection.

    Speak up and speak out with Hama

    This fantastic Hama 7.1 Surround USB Sound Card from Hama is a brilliant USB device to connect up your speakers, a microphone or headset and get out great sound with the XeaR sound technology software. The exceptional crystal clear 7.1 surround sound, connected via USB, with is simulated with the conventional stereo speakers or headset to deliver a brilliant sound. The sound card comes with 10 band equalizer with various presettings such as jazz, rock, classical music and much more. The additional sound effects and room acoustics are also great as they can be adjusted to suit you. Furthermore, this device enables karaoke recordings via a microphone with the ability to suppress the original voice and the ability to make an adjustment of key during recording.

    This device is simple, easy to use and has fantastic sound potential for you to enjoy endless hours of fun with your speakers, microphone and headset.

    Connection: USB-Typ-A-Plug
    Headphone Connection: 3.5 mm Jack Socket
    Loudspeaker Connection: 3.5 mm Jack Socket
    USB Standard: USB 2.0
    Volume Control: Yes, With Mute Function
    Colour: Black

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