Roline UTP Cat.6 1.5m 21.99.0951 product
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Prepared unshielded Twisted Pair cable with RJ45 connectors on both sides
Used as patch cable in wiring cabinet or as direct connection cable between devices
Flexible cable suitable for narrow bending (suitable from 3cm)
Contact settings 1:1, according to EIA / TIA 568, 8 wires
Construction: 8 wires copper wire
Импеданс: 100 Ohm
Цвят: червен
For a structured Cat.6 UTP Cabling we recommend to use the following components:The following products combination has been tested and certified in our test lab in a Class E Channel of 100 meters:21.15.0989 ROLINE UTP Cable, Cat.6, solid wire, AWG2425.16.8494 ROLINE Flush Mounting Boxes, Cat.6, unshielded26.11.0355 ROLINE 19" Patch Panel, Cat.6, 24 Port, unshielded21.99.0905 VALUE UTP Patch Cable prep. Cat.6
Цвят (кабел): red
Цвят (Spout): red
Тип на проводниците: Wire
RJ45 конектор: Standard
Удобство за пренасяне: No
Halogen free кабел: No
Импеданс: 100 Ohm
Дължина: 1.5 m
Продуктова група: Twisted Pair Cable
Брой проводници: 8
Тип на екранировката: UTP
Качество на трансфера: Cat. 6 / Class E
Усукан: Не

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Технически характеристики

Вид:  Пач кабел
Тип:  UTP
Категория:  Cat 6
Дължина:  1.5 m

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