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Rain Design mStand mobile

mStand mobile supports your iPhone or iPad and free your hand, so you can work comfortably with touching, swiping, typing or simply enjoy a relaxing video chat.

Angled stand provides a comfortable view.
Cable outlet for easy management.
Fits all iPhone and iPad mini. Compatible with most Smart phones, 8-inch and smaller tablets.
Holds iPhone in portrait or landscape mode.
Fits iPhone with or without Apple Smart Cover and Case.
iPhone matching anodized aluminum.
Acoustic base provides clearer sound by channelling sound from iPad's down-facing speaker forward.

Rain Design mStand mobile е алуминиева поставка за вашият телефон или таблет с оптимален ъгъл на поставяне позволяваща всякакво взаимодействие с вашето устройство.

Комфортен ъгъл на виждане
Стабилна алуминиева основа
Размери - 81 х 111 х 124мм (Ширина х Височина х Дълбочина)

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Rain Design mStand mobile Gold 10060