Platan Prima Nano product


Platan Prima Nano

Prima nano is an advanced IP PBX system with minimal basic configuration at attractive price, modular construction and full freedom of choosing the equipments to suit the best the user's real needs.
Prima nano makes it possible to talk at a low cost thanks to the VoIP technology, it can be used as a VoIP gateway and it supports Platan SIP trunk. Cheap or free calls to the mobile networks as well as sending and receiving text messages are also available. Prima nano's functionality is enhanced by the embedded call recording and voicemail, while the PBX management is intuitive and simple via the web browser.
It is a perfect solution for the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) market, microbusinesses, small branches, shops, service outlets, single or multi-family houses, counting up to 20 users/phones. Prima nano is characterised by easy configuration and operation – Plug&Talk – ready to be used right after you unpack it.

Plug & Talk - PBX ready to be used right after you unpack it with predefined producer's settings
5 in 1 - choose whatever you need - minimal basic configuration and modular construction gives you the free choice of equipments and extensions
Multi-channel call recording
Mobile phone in a PBX - cheap and free calls to mobile networks from traditional phones
VoiceMail for all users
See Who's Calling - Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
Local and remote management and upgrade via webbrowser
VEK - Cost IP Eliminator:
access to cheaper Internet telephony without any additional gateways
unique Call Through function - call from a mobile phone via VoIP. Prima recognizes the given mobile phone numbers and directs them to VoIP network
possibility of using IP phones
SIP trunk (multi-channel VoIP lines) support
PZK - Cost Management Programme
Penny module - individual accounting of phone call costs
Restriction system – limiting the number of unwanted outgoing calls
LCR - Least Cost Routing (automatic selection of the cheapest call route)
Compatibility with Platan CTI software (additional phone's functions on computer's display)
Wall mountable case
3 language versions: Polish, English, Russian

Базов модул:
- 4 аналогови абоната
- 2 слота за включване на платки
- CLIP, DISA и гласова поща
- USB порт, LAN порт и слот за SD карта

Възможности за разширение:
- с една или две аналогови градски линии
- с една или две ISDN BRI линии
- с 2 или 4 аналогови абоната
- с 8 SIP абоната
- с SIP трънк

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Технически характеристики

Тип:  VoIP Централа
Аналогови абонати (вътрешни) FXS:  4
Цифрови абонати (вътрешни) SIP:  Не е указано

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