Platan EXT-244C product


Platan EXT-244C

Platan EXT-244C expansion module supports the Platan IP-T216C digital proprietary IP
phone. Under 16 keys with lamps signalising the users’ availability (BLF – Busy Lamp Field)
up to 44 contacts can be memorised. Thus, together with the phone’s keys, up to 52
contacts can be easily accessed and monitored. Modern design and compact size make this
expansion module a perfect solution for managers, secretaries and dispatchers.

Elegant design
Comfort of use
Colour backlit display
16 programmable BLFs
Easy access to 44 contacts
Automatic configuration (auto provision)
Support of Platan IP-T216C phone

Intuitive use
Large colour display, programmable keys, Busy Lamp Fields (BLF) and possibility of
swiping the screen make the use of the module very intuitive and comfortable.
Thanks to its compact size the expansion module takes very little place on the table.

Easy settings
The Platan EXT-244C expansion module's keys can be programmed directly from the
module or by the web interface of Platan IP-T216C phone. The configuration can be
sent to the phone and expansion module automatically from the PBX server thanks
to the auto provision feature.

Quick contact
The photos or graphics added to the local contacts facilitate the callers' recognition
and help to establish connections quickly. The keys serve to pickup the call incoming
to the other user or to assign frequently used features.

Technical Data

4.3” 480×272 colour TFT display, 16 mln
Brightness and contrast adjustment.
Displaying photos or graphics assigned
to the local contacts.

BLF signalisation: user available (green
lamp), user busy (red lamp), incoming
call (lamp's blinking), user unlogged or
external number (no light).

Manual: local directly by expansion
module's keys or by phone's web
Auto provision: TFTP / FTP / HTTP / PnP

Phone connection: 1 × RJ45.

Power supply
From the phone, no separate power
supply required.

Power consumption: standby 1 W,
working 2.2 W.
Humidity: 1095%.
Operating temperature: -10C50C.
Dimensions (width × depth × height):
112 × 143 × 108 mm.
Weight: 0.3 kg.
Support of Platan IP-T216C digital
proprietary IP phone.

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Тип:  Разширителен модул
Тип на връзката:  Жичен
Брой линии:  В зависимост от телефона

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