Netgear AXC7620-10000S product

Оптичен пач кабел Netgear AXC7620-10000S, SFP+ към SFP+, Direct Attach Cable(DAC), 10 Gbps, 20m

id 135694 Код: CNOPTNETGEARAXC762010000S
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Netgear AXC7620-10000S

AXC761, AXC763, AXC765, AXC767 and AXC7610 are Passive or Active DAC versions of 1-meter, 3-meter, 5-meter, 7-meter and 10-meter Direct Attach SFP+ cables for 10G network cabling between SFP+ devices (network switches, servers, storage). AXC7615 and AXC7620 Active Optical DAC offer even longer 15-meter and 20-meter reach. These DAC integrate active SFP+ compatible connectors with a copper twin-axial cable, or a duplex fiber optic cable into a low-latency, energy-efficient and low-cost cabling solution. They are currently the best cabling option for short runs of 10 Gigabit Ethernet between SFP+ switches and SFP+ endpoints (servers, storage).

Direct Attach Cables for 10G SFP+ short run
Passive or Active SFP+ connector on both ends replacing SFP+ transceivers
Highest performance pre-terminated twin-axial or duplex fiber optic cable
Low-latency, energy-efficient and low-cost transparent solution

Model Description
Direct Attach Cable

SFP+ on both sides

Active Optical

Duplex fiber optic

20-meter (65.6 ft)

Ordering Part Number

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Вид:  Не е указано
Дължина:  20 m
Тип:  Не е указано

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