Мишка Yenkee 2035
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Мишка Yenkee 2035, оптична (1600 dpi), безжична, USB, черна

id 258467 Код: MOYENKEE45017100
    23.87 лв

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    ОписаниеХарактеристикиРевюта / Въпроси
    Can you hear that silence?
    My silent switches are a pleasure for every worker who needs their peace of mind at work. Thanks to my silence, I fit into various open-space offices, classrooms or just to your home in the study, where you need complete silence to concentrate.

    Far more thriftily:
    The battery will dwell inside me for a really long time. Thanks to the power switch and automatic power saving mode, I can manage a lot of busy days with a regular AA battery. However, the range of my Nano receiver is just where there are no savings. With me, you can control your PC even from ten meters.

    Convenience first:
    Long working sessions or sleepless nights over tables. Life has nailed us to computers, so you need to have your accessories completely comfortable. Ergonomic shape with a pleasant surface on my body and sensitivity of up to 1600DPI are features that will make you grab me and not let go.

    Sensitivity: 800/ 1200/1600 DPI
    Connection: 2.4G wireless
    Operating range: < 10 m
    Interface type: USB
    Power input: 1x AA alcaline battery
    Weight: 93 g
    - Windows 7/8/10
    - Mac OS X

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    Технически характеристики

    Тип на връзката:  Безжична
    Интерфейс:  USB
    Цвят:  Черен
    Размер:  Нормален
    Препоръчана за Игри:  Не

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    Мишка Yenkee 2035
    • Мишка Yenkee 2035
    • Мишка Yenkee 2035
    • Мишка Yenkee 2035
    • Мишка Yenkee 2035
    • Мишка Yenkee 2035