LogiLink MP0030 product

Конектор LogiLink MP0030, RJ-45, Cat 6,6A,7

  • Марка: LogiLink
  • Модел: MP0030
  • Код на производител: MP0030
  • Наличност: Не е наличен
    Този продукт не е наличен към момента


    - Shielded RJ45 plug for Cat6/Cat6A/Cat7 & Cat.7A cable
    - Gold plated pins ( 50µ )
    - Suitable for solid or stranded copper wire
    - Conductor OD (with insulation): 1.2 – 1.45 mm
    - Cable jacket OD max. 8 mm
    - Set with 10pcs. incl. plug and guide plate
    - Strain Relief Boot: MP0034 + MP0035
    - Proper Tools: WZ0029 + WZ0032 (or similar)

    LogiLink’s shielded RJ45 plug for data transfer up 10 Gbps is suitable for stranded and solid Cat.6, Cat.6A, Cat.7 and Cat.7A cable. It includes strain relief clamp and wire guide plate for easy wire installing. The connection of crimp contacts, strain relief and shield is done in one step by using a specific crimp tool for Hirose Cat.6 and Cat.6A plugs.

    Технически характеристики

    Тип:  RJ45
    Категория:  6

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