Lanberg NT-0101 product
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Lanberg universal stripping tool for UTP STP telefon and data cable

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Lanberg’s stripping tool NT-0101 is a universal device intended for all cable installers, with broad scope of applications, such as traditional electronic workshops or professional installation sites.

This particular product is dedicated to stripping the external insulation or cutting cabling such as ethernet (UTP, FTP, SFTP), coaxial, data, telephone, LAN and electric wires.

Appropriate design of the blades and flexible configuration of stripping tool ensures, that insulation layer of cable is correctly removed, without damaging any internal veins of a wire.

Stripping insulation of round cables (rotation 1-3x): 1.3mm ~ 3.3mm.

Stripping insulation of multi-conductor cables: 3.2mm ~ 9.0mm.

Stripping insulation of installation wires: 0.3mm ~ 0.8mm.

Stripping insulation of telephone and LAN wires: 8p (RJ-45 - 8P8C), 6p (RJ-14 - 6P4C & RJ-12 - 6P6C), 4p (RJ-9 - 4P4C), 2p.

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