KJ POWER KJP 50 product
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KJP 50

Трифазен дизелов генератор за ток KJ POWER модел KJP-50, stand-by мощност: 50kVA/40kW, първична мощност: 45kVA/36kW, двигател PERKINS – Англия, алтернатор SINCRO – Италия, открит вариант – без кожух, резервоар за гориво 176 литра, контролен AMF панел с измеравателни прибори и защити, триполюсен автоматичен прекъсвач, подгревател на антифриза, стартерен акумулатор, устройство за подзаряд

Generating Rates PRIME STANDBY
Power kVA 45 50
Power kW 36 40
Current (cos Phi=0,8) A 65 72
Standard Voltage V 400/230
Revolution Per Minute r.p.m. 1500
Rated at power factor Cos Phi 0,8

Standard Features

4 Stroke, 1500 RPM, water cooled heavy duty diesel engine
Protection system on manuel run
Flexible oil pipes and oil draining valve
Lubrication oil and anti-freeze
4 Poles, synchrontype, single bearing, brushless alternator
Batteries and cables
Electrostatic paint coated, steel, welded chassis
Fuel tank housed in the chassis
Industrial type silencer
Electronic battery charger
Electrical wiring diagram
User manual and operating manual

Engine Specifications

Model 1103A-33TG1
Engine Power Stand BY (kWm / hp) 46,5/62,4
Revolution Per Minute (r.p.m.) 1500
Total Displacement (L) 3.3
Cylinders Orientation 3 SINGLE LINE
Bore x Stroke (mm x mm) 105 x 127
Compression Orientation 17,25:1
Governor Type MECHANIC
Aspiration System TURBO CHARGE
Injection DIRECT
Electrical System (VDC) 12
Lub-Oil Capacity (L) 7.9
Engine Coolant Capacity (L) 10.2
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 176
Maximum Exhaust Temperature (°C) 492
Maximum Exhaust Gas Flow (m3/h) 7
Maximum Allowed Back Pressure (kPa) 10
Cooling Air Flow (m3/min) 53
Fuel Consumption 50 % (L/h) 5.7
Fuel Consumption 75 % (L/h) 8.2
Fuel Consumption 100 % (L/h) 10.7

Alternator Specifications

Output Voltage (V) 400/230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Stationary Voltage Regulation (±) 1 %
Short Circuit Current > 300 %
Insulation H
Protection IP 23
Efficiency (%) 89,1
Overloading 110 % FOR 1 HOUR
Power Factor (cos Phi) 0.8
Total Harmonic Distortion Rate THF < 2 %
Connection Type STAR
Number Of Pole 4
Number Of Bearing SINGLE

Dimensions and Weight

Length ( L ) mm 2200
Height ( H ) mm 1700
Width ( W ) mm 1000
Wet weight kg 810
Fuel Tank Capacity L 176

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Технически характеристики

Тип:  Генератор
Захранване:  Дизел
Мощност:  50kVA
Напрежение:  400/230 V
Стартиране:  Ръчно/Автоматично

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