Инвертор HAMA, 12V DC -> 220V AC, 100W (280W max) product


- Practical DC/AC inverter for operating devices with mains connection, 230 V~ (AC), in a vehicle
- Suitable for most of the notebook power supplies, multimedia, audio and video devices
- Robust aluminium housing
- Can practically and safely be stored in the cup holder of a vehicle
- 230 V connection via socket with earth contact and protective conductor
- Connection to the cigarette lighter socket in a vehicle
- Input voltage 10 - 15 V = (DC)
- Output voltage 230 V/50 Hz~ (AC, modified sine)
- Continuous output power: 100 W
- Peak output power: 280 W
- Fault current protective circuit, therefore utmost safety for the user
- Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
- Short circuit protection
- Reverse polarity protection
- Cut-off in case of overheating (thermal overload from approx. 60°C)
- Fuse: 20 A
- Operation with an ambient temperature of -15 to +50°C
- Soft start circuit

Technical Details

Model: DC/AC Inverter
Input Voltage: 10 - 15 V
Thermic Protection: Yes
Output Frequency: 50 Hz
Output Voltage: 230 V
Dimension Height: 6,8 cm
Dimension Length: 17,0 cm
Dimension Width: 6,8 cm

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Технически характеристики

Изходна мощност:  100 W

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