Icy Box IB-PCI208 product
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Little space but a lot of bits
The IB-PCI208 is a M.2 to PCIe 3.0 x4 converter card. With this PCI bracket, a small M.2 card can be connected via a PCI-express slot.
The cards are easy to install thanks to pre-punched holes. Insert IB-PCI208, plug in the M.2 card and you'll be racing through your files at up to 39 Gbps.

The little ones are the fastest
The IB-PCI208 converts M.2 (NGFF) PCIe to PCIe x4, allowing you to connect fast and extremely compact M.2 cards to an existing system. The PCI bracket also provides a firm hold in the corresponding mounting slots.

Fits a lot
The IB-PCI208 holds cards in the sizes 22x42 / 60/80 mm and regardless of the operating system used. The power is over via PCIe host connection.

Quickly installed
The cards are easy to install thanks to pre-punched holes. Then just plug it in and you'll be racing at up to 39 Gbps through your files.

Model: IB-PCI208
Item number: 60092
EAN Code: 4250078164333
Brand: ICY BOX
Compatibility: M.2 SSD format 2242/2260/2280 - M.2 PCIe based connection (M-Key or B + M-Key)
Material: plastic
Color: green

• Converts M.2 (NGFF) PCIe to PCIe x4
• Supports M.2 2280/2260/2242 with M-Key or M + B key on PCIe basis
• Use of double-sided modules possible
• Data transfer rate up to 39 Gbps
• Full-profile form factor
• Compatible with Windows 7 and Mac 10.0

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Технически характеристики

Тип:  Контролер
От какъв интерфейс:  PCI Express x4
Към какъв интерфейс:  M.2

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