Hama 20617 product

PVC канал Hama 20617, едно отделение, побира 2бр. кабели, 100/3.5/0.9 cm, бял

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    Hama PVC Cable Duct, semicircular, 100/3.5/0.9 cm, white

    Currently all your wires may be located as a writhing mass running hazardously along the floor. By securing them inside cable ducts you can create a more attractive and living environment with ease. Get this cable channel today, it has what it takes to meet your cable management needs!

    Thanks to its paintable surface, it can be adapted to any wall paint colour

    Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)

    Colour White
    Logistics (Number, Presentation)
    Number 1

    Size & Weight
    Depth 0.9 cm
    Width x Length 3.5 x 100 cm

    Physical Properties
    Material Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

    More product information

    For securely laying cables and wires and for protecting them from damage
    For use as a channel for cables running along the wall, baseboard or flooring
    For up to 2 cables, e.g. 1x power, 1x HDMI™
    Also for speaker cables, e.g. in case of wall-mounted speakers
    When mounted, the semicircular cable duct is highly discrete and can barely be noticed (height: only 9 mm)
    Can be mounted on the wall using screws or a double-sided adhesive tape
    When the lower part has been mounted, the upper section simply clips on
    Cutting, bending or boring possible with standard commercial tools

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