HAMA Fit Track 390 product

Смарт часовник Hama Fit Track 390, 0.96" (2.43 cm) OLED дисплей, Bluetooth, водоустойчив IP67, педометър, черен

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    Stick with it and keep your eye on the goal! The smart features such as the pulse meter, calorie consumption, step counter and sleep analysis make your fitness tracker your personal coach and push you to achieve new personal bests. Monitor your performance even in the rain!

    • Whether it be rain or beach: thanks to the IP67 protection class, the fitness tracker is suitable for activities on water as well as in dusty environments

    • Keep an eye on your pulse 24 hours a day: continuous heart rate measurement even during periods of rest and sleep

    • Live and in colour: user-friendly, full-colour 0.96" LCD display for a quick summary of all functions

    • Sweet dreams or turning thoughts over in your head: with the sleep analysis function, know exactly how your deep sleep, dream and waking phases are divided up

    • Don't miss a message ever again: notifications via vibration alarm and display with message preview for WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, calls, e-mails, calendars and much more

    • Even more networking: in combination with Apple Health, get even more analyses for a healthy lifestyle

    • You can rely on this app: "Hama FIT" is quality assurance-tested and every function has been extensively checked in Germany

    • The sporting success for all eternity: keep a memory of your personal bests - with the remote trigger function, you can control your smartphone camera for the perfect selfie

    • Sporting daily calorie balance: on the display, see how many calories you have burned in total and in the app when you burned the most calories

    • No more couch potato: the exercise reminder pushes you to new peak performances after a pre-set time

    • A daily goal of 10,000 steps: using the step counter, accurately track how many steps you take in a day

    • 10-day run time - one battery charge: record up to 10 days of activities with just one battery charge, and ready for the next challenge after just two hours of charging







    The ‘Fit Track 3900’ fitness tracker is the perfect companion for everyone who has recently become enthusiastic about sport and is aiming to live a healthier lifestyle.









    Perhaps you go for a run several times a week, cycle to the shops, and do yoga sessions in the evening. At the same time, you make sure you get a healthy, balanced diet and enough sleep. Perfect! Then you should definitely stick at it.

    With our ‘Fit Track 390’ fitness tracker, you can track your daily successes and always set yourself new goals. Your steps taken and calories burned, as shown by the fitness tracker, will motivate you to achieve more each day.






    Technical Specs

    Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series): 

    • Colour Black

    • Shade of colour:  Black

    Electrospecific Properties

    • Bluetooth Version 4.0


    • Battery Type:  Lithium Polymer Battery

    • Max. Battery Runtime:  10 Tage

    Size & Weight

    • Height:  12 mm

    • Length:  250 mm

    • Weight:  22 g

    • Width:  18 mm

    Physical Properties

    • Display:  0,96"-OLED/Illuminated

    • Distance Measurement Function:  Yes

    • Fat burning Indicator:  Yes

    • Finger Touch Sensor:  Yes

    • IP protection class:  IP67 (protection against dust entry and continuous rain)

    • Material:  Plastic (ABS), Plastic (TPU)

    • Measures Burnt Calories:  Yes

    • Pedometer Function:  Yes

    • Pulse Watch Function:  Yes

    • Watch Function:  Yes


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    Тип:  Смарт гривна
    Особеност:  Универсален
    Цвят:  Черен

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    • SMWAHAMA178601
    • SMWAHAMA178601
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