Glorious Lynx GL-SWT-LYNX
Glorious Lynx GL-SWT-LYNXGlorious Lynx GL-SWT-LYNXGlorious Lynx GL-SWT-LYNXGlorious Lynx GL-SWT-LYNX
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Суичове за механична клавиатура Glorious Lnyx 36 броя

A new breed of linear has arrived. Silky smooth and perfectly precise, this premium mechanical switch will ascend your typing experience with its fast and fluid operation.
The Lynx’s globally-sourced materials and tight engineering tolerances guarantee a satisfying, consistent actuation for both typing and gaming.

Once you try them, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of them.

The Glorious Lynx is made with uncompromised quality. Below is a full breakdown of each component.

Top Shell - Unique, light blue polycarbonate top housing with Glorious branding
Stem - Soft and flexible POM stem provides an unbelievably smooth operation
Spring - Unique, factory-designed spring with nickel plating, sourced from Korea
Leaf - Premium grade copper, sourced from Japan
Bottom Shell - High-quality nylon bottom housing, sourced from Belgium

Unlubed Glorious Lynx switches come out of the box completely dry so you can easily apply your choice of lubricant. Perfect for hands-on users who prefer a more customized switch performance to fit their unique style. We recommend checking out our line of switch modding tools for the most efficient DIY switch lubing experience possible.

Glorious Lynx switches are compatible with all GMMK models, backlight RGB, and all mechanical keyboard keycaps. To be compatible with the GMMK 1, you need to clip the switches’ legs prior to installation.
NOTE: The RGB effect may be dimmer compared to switches with transparent housings.


  • Производител: Glorious
  • Вид суич: Син
  • Съвместими с  GMMK клавиатури
  • Съвместими с клавиатури използващи MX суичове
  • Съвместими с MX капачки
  • PLATE Mounted
  • Непрозрачен корпус на суича
  • SMD Led съвместим

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Glorious Lynx GL-SWT-LYNX
  • Glorious Lynx GL-SWT-LYNX
  • Glorious Lynx GL-SWT-LYNX
  • Glorious Lynx GL-SWT-LYNX
  • Glorious Lynx GL-SWT-LYNX