Genius SP-i320 червена преносима product

Тонколона Genius SP-i320, 1.0, RMS 2W, 3.5mm jack, червена, преносима, вградена батерия поддържа USB памет

id 31509 Код: SPGENIUS31731020102
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    Portable Music Player with Speaker

    - Portable music player with speaker
    - MP3 and AUX mode selection
    - Supports playing MP3 music in FAT32 format
    - Play/pause, next/back track, forward /reverse in MP3 mode
    - Easy power on/off with volume control
    - Support LINK to other portable speakers
    - Headphone out jack
    - 1.5” metal driver for clear and low-bass sound
    - Two hour quick charge via Micro-USB socket
    - Built-in lithium battery
    - Up to eight hours working time
    - Pouch for easy storage
    - Supports up to 32GB USB storage device
    - Best portable choice for laptop, iPad, iPod, MP3/MP4 player or cell phone with standard 3.5 jack

    Genius introduces SP-i320, an advanced combination of a portable MP3 player (PMP) and loud speaker. SP-i320 is a great solution to play music anywhere.

    By storing MP3 music files on any USB storage device, you can play music without using other music playing devices. Control is easy, just slide the knob to turn on/off, adjust volume, and functional keys to play or select music. In additional to a headphone-out jack, you can listen to MP3 music privately. Also, it has one more AUX-in jack so you can connect to a notebook, iPod, cell phone or any electronic device through a standard 3.5mm jack. What’s amazing, with the Genius-Link, you can connect multiple SP-i320 Genius portable speakers in a row to bring more stereo and richer sound to your music experience. SP-i320 has a built in rechargeable lithium battery that allows up to eight hours of usage.

    RMS (Watts) 2
    Driver unit-Satellite 1.5”, 4ohm
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio 70 dB

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    Технически характеристики

    Тип:  Преносими
    Мощност:  до 9.9W
    Канали, брой:  1
    Свързаност:  3.5mm jack

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    • SPGENIUS31731020102
    • SPGENIUS31731020102
    • SPGENIUS31731020102