Gamdias DEMETER E1 combo product


Gamdias DEMETER E1 combo

Ambidextrous Design
The Demeter E1 is designed to be usable by both right handed, and left handed gamers. It is perfectly symmetrical with 2 smart buttons on each side so that neither style loses out on functionality.

Textured Grip
Demeter E1 boasts a grip meant to fit most hand styles/configurations with an ambiguous primary design and textured side panels to help you keep your grip.

Advanced Optical Gaming Sensor
Precision is the key to dominating and optical sensors are the leaders in precision. Equipped with the Demeter E1 you will be pushing objectives and clearing choke points with pixel-perfect accuracy.

Flexible DPI Range
Maxing out at 3,200 dpi, the Demeter E1 has centered dpi control button that allows you to change the sensitivity of your mouse on the fly. Perfect for snipers, or MMOs where speed is key.

Smart Internals
Inside the Demeter E1 is a high quality microprocessor that allows you to store all the information on the mouse itself and take it with you. Other features also include: macros, key assignment, lighting, scroll speed, and more.

NYX E1 Gaming Mouse Mat
Built from a high-quality, long-lifespan polymer material, the NYX E1 is optimized for gaming sensors, giving you better glide without sacrificing control or accuracy.

Specifications - DEMETER E1

Tracking Method
Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor

119.3 x 63.5 x 40.3 mm


6 Keys

1200/1600/2000/3200 DPI (Default 1200)

Polling Rate

Built-in Memory

Weight System

Switch Lifecycle
3 Million

USB Cable Length

Graphical UI

Specifications - NYX E1

240 x 180 x 3 mm

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Тип на връзката:  Жична
Интерфейс:  USB
Цвят:  Черен
Размер:  Нормален
Препоръчана за Игри:  Да

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