Fresh n Rebel Powerbank 6000mAh (2PB2000CL) product


Fresh n Rebel Powerbank 6000mAh

Charge your devices twice as fast

The Powerbank 6000 mAh is a rechargeable backup battery that charges your mobile devices in a flash. Say goodbye to an empty phone battery that leaves you feeling disconnected. With a capacity of 6000 mAh, the Powerbank can charge your phone twice or a small tablet like the iPad Mini once. Of course you can also give a boost to your camera or iPod. Thanks to the 2.4 A port, this Powerbank charges devices more than twice as fast as a regular charger.
With a stylish look and feel, the Powerbank 6000 mAh combines smooth-touch materials, brushed metal, soft LEDs and a tanned leather label with embossed logo. Available in five must-have colours, you can choose one that blends in or one that pops out.
Compact and lightweight, the Powerbank 6000 mAh fits in every bag and is the ideal companion for longer trips. With premium battery cells and five comprehensive safety features, your phone and tablet are always safe and sound. Thanks to the power indicator button, you can check the battery level anytime. Take the Powerbank 6000 mAh with you when you’re out and about and keep your devices charged wherever you go.

Fresh n Rebel Powerbank 6000 mAh Cloud външна батерия

Лека и компактна, външната 6000 mAh батерия е лесно преносима и идеален спътник за всекидневието, почивката, или просто излизане с приятели. Благодарение на полезния индикатор за нивото на батерията, можете да я проверите бързо - с едно натискане на бутона!

LED индикация
Капацитет - 6000 mAh
Вход - microUSB - 5V / 1.5A (max.)
Изход - USB - 5V / 2.4A
Размер - 52 x 95 x 25 мм

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Технически характеристики

Капацитет:  6000 mAh

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