Detroit: Become Human  product
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The world is what you make it...
Shape the future
Enter a tense vision of future Detroit where humans and androids maintain a fragile co-existence and the decisions that you make build the story around you.

Explore the numerous possible fates of each character and guide them through a branching narrative that forces them to confront complex personal dilemmas and ultimately question the very nature of their existence.
Each decision you make drives the story ahead resulting in consequences both minor and catastrophic. A poorly judged situation could cost someone their life and no-one gets a second chance. Think carefully about the moves you make, stay alert and try to stay alive – the instinct to survive, after all, is what makes us human.

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Технически характеристики

Конзола:  PS4
Жанр:  Приключенска
Тип:  Singleplayer
Тип мултиплейър:  Няма
Интернет връзка:  Препоръчителна
Вид:  Игра
Възрастова граница:  18+
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