Cooler Master MPA-MP750-L product

Подложка за мишка Cooler Master Masteraccessory MP750, гейминг, RGB, черна, 470 x 350 x 3 mm

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    Геймърски пад Cooler Master Masteraccessory MP750 RGB - L


    Go the extra mile with an extra thick RGB border around the edges, resulting in extra-bright, extra-consistent lighting all around the pad. Needless to say, this mouse pad is considered pretty... extra.


    Stay water resistant so you don’t have to suffer from unexpected splash damage. Water-repellent coating on the fabric results in a soft mouse pad that will keep it together through even the sweatiest fights (or palms).


    Crafted from fabrics specially selected for its slick texture and smooth maneuverability, the result is a mouse pad that is completely engineered for speed, precision, and domination.


    Subpar stitching around the edges can be the Achilles heel of even the most high-quality pads. The MP750 features more seamless, uniform stitching to minimize fraying and maximize longevity. The result is a more durable pad with less chance for irritation during those longest battles.


    MP750 е текстилен пад за мишка с интегиран RGB обшивка по целия пад, повърхността е гладка, водоотблъскваща и дава нунжната скорост и точност за побада, дори при най-напрегнатите битки.

    Гладка повърхност, оптимална за скорост и прецизност
    Дебела RGB обшивка на пада за красиво цветово оформление по време на игра
    Водоотблъскващо покритие
    Подобрено шевове за повече комфорт при дълги и интензивни битки
    Неплъзгаща се гумирана основа за да сте сигурни, че подложката ще стои стабилно на бюрото при интензивно и по-агресивно ползване

    Product Name: Masteraccessory MP750
    Model Number Size L MPA-MP750-L
    Material: Plastic, cloth, natural rubber
    Color: Black, purple
    LED Color: RGB
    Number of LEDs: 2
    Software customization: Yes
    On-the-fly controls: Yes - default effect switch
    Surface Finely textured microscopic mesh, Swift-RX identical surface with water resistant coating
    Connectivity: Micro USB
    Cable Length: 1.2
    Size L 470*350*3mm
    Product Weight (Mousepad and cable)
    Size L 643g

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