Cisco IP Phone 8861 CP-8861-3PCC-K9=
Cisco IP Phone 8861 CP-8861-3PCC-K9=Cisco IP Phone 8861 CP-8861-3PCC-K9=

VoIP телефон Cisco IP Phone 8861, 5.0" (12.70 cm) VGA цветен дисплей, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, 2x USB A 2.0, 2x LAN1000, PoE, черен

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Cisco IP Phone 8861

The Cisco® IP Phone 8861 is a business-class collaboration endpoint that combines high-fidelity, reliable, secure, and scalable voice over IP communications with Cisco Intelligent Proximity for telephony integration for personal mobile devices to support small to large enterprise businesses.

With the IP Phone 8861, you can increase personal productivity through an engaging user experience that is both powerful and easy-to-use. The IP Phone 8861 combines an attractive new ergonomic design with wideband audio for crystal clear voice communications, “always-on” reliability, encrypted voice communications to enhance security, and access to a comprehensive suite of unified communications features from Cisco on-premises and hosted infrastructure platforms. The IP Phone 8861 also can be supported on third party hosted call control services.



Hardware Features

Ergonomic design

● The phone offers an easy-to-use interface and provides a traditional telephony-like user experience.

Graphical display

● The 800 × 480, 24-bit color, 5-in. WVGA display provides scrollable access to calling features and
text-based XML applications.


● The handset is a standard wideband-capable audio handset (connects through an RJ-9 port).
● The standard coiled cord has a custom end for concealed cable routing beneath the phone (cord length is approximately 21 in. [55 cm] coiled and up to 72 in. (183 cm) extended).
● The handset is hearing aid-compatible (HAC) and meets Federal Communications Commission (FCC) loudness requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). You can achieve Section 508 loudness requirements by using industry-standard inline handset amplifiers such as Walker Equipment W-10 or CE-100 amplifiers. The dial pad is also ADA-compliant.

Speaker phone

● The full-duplex speakerphone gives you flexibility in placing and receiving calls with hands free. For added security, the audible dual tone multifrequency (DTMF) tones are masked when the speakerphone mode is used.

Analog headset

● The analog headset jack is a standard wideband-capable RJ-9 audio port.

AUX port

● You can use an auxiliary port to support electronic hookswitch control with a third-party headset connected to it.

External audio ports

● The phone has a 3.5-mm stereo line in/out jack (for optional external headset, speakers, or headphones).


● Two USB ports enhance the usability of call handling by enabling wired or wireless headsets, as well as provide charging capability to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.
◦ A side USB port provides up to 500mA power output at 5V or 2.5W.
◦ A back USB (in yellow) port provides 500mA power output and is upgradeable to support up to 2.1A power output at 5V or 10.5W.

Ethernet switch

● An internal 2-port Cisco Ethernet switch allows for a direct connection to a 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet network (IEEE 802.3i/802.3u/802.3ab) through a RJ-45 interface with single LAN connectivity for both the phone and a co-located PC.
● The system administrator can designate separate VLANs (IEEE 802.1Q) for the PC and phone, providing improved security and reliability of voice and data traffic.


● The phone offers Bluetooth 3.0 Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) Class 1 technology (up to 66-ft [20m] range).
● Hands-Free Profile (HFP) is supported for untethered headset connections and voice communications.
● Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) is supported for phone book object exchange between devices.

Wi-Fi client

● As an alternative to wired Ethernet, the Cisco IP Phone 8861 supports a Wi-Fi radio with integrated antenna enabling connectivity to a Wi-Fi access-point infrastructure, thereby saving on the labor costs of pulling Ethernet cables to every work location. Complete Wi-Fi specifications are included in Table 4 later in this document.


● The phone has the following keys:
◦ Line keys
◦ Soft keys
◦ Back and release keys
◦ Four-way navigation and select keys
◦ Hold/Resume, Transfer, and Conference keys
◦ Messaging, Application, and Directory keys
◦ Standard keypad
◦ Volume-control toggle key
◦ Speakerphone, headset, and mute keys

Backlit indicator

● The phone supports backlit indicators for the audio path keys (handset, headset, and speakerphone), select key, line keys, and message waiting.

Replaceable bezel

● The phone includes a black bezel; an optional silver bezel is also orderable separately.

Dual-position foot stand

● The display is easy-to-view and the buttons and keys are easy-to-use. The two-position foot stand supports viewing angles of 35 and 50 degrees; you can remove the foot stand for wall mounting, with mounting holes located on the base of the phone.


● You can install the phone on a wall using an optional wall-mount kit (orderable separately).

Key expansion module (KEM)

● The phone supports up to three KEMs to expand from 5- to 113-line buttons. You have the convenience of many speed dials or programmable features.

Physical security

● The phone is compatible with the Kensington Security Slot (K-Slot) antitheft system.

Power Features

IEEE Power over Ethernet (PoE)

● IEEE Power over Ethernet class 4. The phone is compatible with both IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at switch blades and supports both Cisco Discovery Protocol and Link Layer Discovery Protocol - Power over Ethernet (LLDP-PoE).

Cisco IP Phone Power Cube 4

● This optional power cube is used as an AC-to-DC (48V) power supply for non-PoE deployments. Use of the power cube 4 also requires the use of one of the corresponding AC country cords

Call-Control Support

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

● 8.5.1 (Non-Secured mode Only)
● 8.6.2
● 9.1.2
● 10.5.2
● 11.0 and later

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (Unified CME)

● 10.0 and later through fast track

Cisco Business Edition 6000
(BE 6000)

● 8.6.2
● 9.1.2
● 10.5.2
● 11.0 and later

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS)

● 8.6.2 and later (using supported UCM versions above)

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Cisco IP Phone 8861 CP-8861-3PCC-K9=
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