Canon MP1411-LTSC Office Printing Calculators product
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Калкулатор, тип: Desktop with printing
Дисплей, символи : 14
Дисплей, тип : Large, easy to read, 2 color Back-light display (green for positive and red for negative numbers)
Размер на дисплея, mm : 102 x 20 mm
Размер на символите на дисплея, mm : 15.7 x 5.09 mm
Функции : Cost Sell Margin, Tax Function, Currency Conversion, Constant Calculation, Decimal Selector, Rounding, Grand Total, Item Counter, Change Function
Клавиатура : Stable stroke keyboard with Durable plastic keytops (Percentage, 0 Key(s), Shift Key, GT Key, Total Key, Sub-total Key, Non-add # Key)
Захранване, тип : AC power; Battery - CR2032 (back-up)
Размери (Ш, Д, В), mm : 334 x 219 x 75
Цвят : Silver metallic
Други : Printing Method: Ink ribbon; Printing speed: 4.3 lines per second; Two color (black & red); Adding Machine Logic, Non-slip Rubber Pads, Slide Switches/Selectors, Paper Holder, Memory (1 + GT)

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