CHERRY STREAM Desktop JK-8560EU-2 product

Комплект клавиатура и мишка CHERRY STREAM Desktop Recharge, безжични, мишка(dpi 2400), черни

id 223800 Код: KMBCHERRYJK8560EU2
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CHERRY STREAM Desktop Recharge

The best STREAM ever - wireless and with charging capability.

The CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE is a high-quality new addition to the STREAM Family with many valuable features for both professional and home-office use. As with all products in the STREAM family, it has the proprietary CHERRY SX scissor mechanism at its heart. A charging function and AES encryption round off the 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard and accompanying wireless mouse perfectly.

The charging concept – for long-lasting use

The CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE utilises NiMH rechargeable batteries which will last for months on a single charge. Afterwards, you can conveniently recharge the keyboard and mouse via USB-C while you continue to work undisturbed. The set can also be completely switched off to help preserve battery life even longer. Because our desktop set lasts longer than any rechargeable battery, it's possible to replace the GP brand NiMH batteries yourself, which is both practical and environmentally friendly.

CHERRY SX scissor technology – super-quiet & precise

 Noise at work affects productivity and increases stress levels, so that's why we've equipped the CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE keyboard with our proprietary SX scissor technology – just like all other members of the STREAM family. Not only does it have a clearly defined and crisp pressure point, it's also super-quiet, similar to the flatter design you're used to from your laptop keyboard. Like a knife needs a fork, a keyboard needs a mouse and this one also has almost inaudibly quiet keys. After using it for the shortest of times, you won't want to be without this combination during long working days, in open-plan workspaces or your home office.





Full-size layout with numeric keypad
Key technology: SX
Service life of standard key > 20 million strokes
8 anti-slip feet (18 x 4 mm)
Status display: Caps lock, Scroll and Num Lock key, battery status (via LED in Scroll key)
Number of additional keys: 10
Additional key functions: Volume down, sound on/off, volume up, previous track, start/pause, next track, lock PC, browser, e-mail program, calculator


Design: Symmetrical
Scanning: optical (sensor: Pixart)
Resolution: 1,000 dpi / 1,600 dpi / 2,400 dpi (switchable)
Number of keys: 6
Button design: Silent click
Function keys: Right-click, left-click, scroll wheel; browser forward; browser back, DPI switching
Mouse wheel design: Scroll wheel with key function
Status display: DPI setting, battery status

Dimensions (product):

Keyboard: approx. 462.2 x 162.2 x 23.3 mm (feet folded in) approx. 462.2 x 165.8 x 34.1 mm (feet folded out)
Mouse: approx. 116 x 64.7 x 37.7 mm
Receiver: approx. 19 x 14.5 x 6.5 mm

Delivery volume:

Wireless mouse/keyboard set
Nano USB receiver
Operating instructions
USB C charging cable
NiMH rechargeable batteries (GP ReCyko+): Keyboard (2 x AAA) and mouse (1 X AA).
Nano USB receiver
Extended manufacturer warranty

System requirements:

USB port (type A)
Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

Connection sockets:



Wireless 2.4 GHz



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Тип на връзката:  Жично/Безжично
Цвят:  Черен

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