CD-R80 MAXELL 700MB 50 бр product
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Maxell CD-R run at 52x speed and can hold 80 minutes of content. These discs are ideal for music downloads or data.

Recording capacity up to 700MB

Up to 52x speed compatible

Single-sided Suitable for recording data, text, video, graphics, photographs etc.

Write-once CD makes it unalterable, ideal for archiving precious files Durable and stable against sunlight exposure

Available in 10 pack, 25 pack, 50 pack and 100 pack spindles Also available in Shrink and Jewel Case packaging

Recording Time: 80 mins
Disc Diameter: 12cm
Recording Speed: Up to 52x
Recording Capacity: 700MB

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Брой в опаковка:  50
Капацитет:  0.7 GB
Тип:  CD

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CD-R80 MAXELL 700MB 50 бр