Avers AKUSTRATUS 2 18-14 MW BB product
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Avers AKUSTRATUS 2 18-14 MW BB

Electric projection screen equipped with renewable source of power supply. Integrated Lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows 4-5 week screen operation without need for recharging*). This unique power supply solution allows to install electrically operated without need to install screen dedicated cable network as well as it allow to use single electric operated screen at many rooms by moving screen casing from place to place same as portable projection screen. It would be used for movie or presentation projections depending on user needs. Screen casing is manufactured with white powder painted aluminium profiles. There are white decorative elements at front and back sides of casing, their colour would be changed according to customer’s request. Projection surface is lead out from the slot masked with a flap opened automatically each time the screen is rolled out. The flap remains dustproof after closing so projection surface is better secured from dust than at other screens. Surface slot is slot located close to the front side of casing. This unique solution provides extra space between projection surface and the wall behind capable for installation of other devices. Flexible and easy to use screen installation system is created with “invisible” wall/ceiling brackets and installation rails spanning through the whole length of casing. Integrated electric tubular DC motor with programmed automatic stop points ensures long life time of projection fabrics. It controlled by integrated control system and operates according to commands received from RF remote transmitter.

Projection surface width: 180
Projection surface height: 138
Projection surface: Matt White
Screen type: accumulator
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Border: BB
Projection type: front
Recommended mounting: at wall/ceiling
Screen cassette width: 194

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Диагонал:  Не е указано
Тип:  Стена/Таван
Формат:  4:3
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