Apple Elgato Eve Room 10EAM9901 product
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- Precision sensors
- High contrast display
- Wireless & rechargeable
- Easy setup
- Data privacy
- Healthy living

Indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoors. But with Eve Room – the award-winning, Apple HomeKit-enabled air quality monitor – you and your loved ones can breathe clean, feel safe, and live healthy. Every day.

Frequent exposure causes numerous health conditions.

Impacts mood, energy levels, and quality of sleep.

Unsuitable levels put people and property at risk.

Breathe clean.

Furniture, appliances, toys. Cooking, grooming, cleaning. Almost everything produces VOCs – volatile organic compounds – even humans. When contained indoors, VOC emissions quickly rise to harmful levels. With Eve Room, you’re always conscious of VOC accumulation, and inspired to keep your air fresh.

Toys and gadgets are notorious for off-gassing VOCs.

Thousands of cleaning products contain harmful chemicals.

Oils and fats release noxious vapor that lingers.

Fireplaces and candles emit a plethora of pollutants.

Essential oils and even organic fragrances produce a bouquet of VOCs.

Aim for the stars.

Air quality is rated on a scale of one to five stars. Your goal is to keep above three. Simply by taking the right action, at the right time.

Open a window.
A few minutes of ventilation is all it takes to clear the air of VOCs, and put your mind at ease.

Evict polluters.
An unexpected drop in air quality is often linked to a new product. Store it responsibly, or discard it quickly.

Sometimes an air purifier is the best solution. Eve Room lets you know when to turn it on.

Identify. Solve. Thrive.

The Eve app distills all measurements into detailed graphs by hours, days, weeks, months, and years. So you can easily learn how everyday activities impact air quality. See how simple solutions make all the difference. And become a master at maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Track temperature.

High temperatures drain your energy and make it tough to focus and sleep. Low temperatures raise blood pressure and heart rate, plus boost vulnerability to illness. Whether you're heating or cooling, Eve Room will help you keep the perfect balance.

Monitor humidity.

Low humidity triggers throat, eye, and skin conditions, while high humidity increases the risk of allergies and asthma. Both extremes damage electronics and furnishings. With Eve Room, you'll know whether to activate your humidifier, dehumidifer, or extractor fan.

See conditions at a glance.

Air quality, temperature, or humidity – capacitive touch controls let you put your preference front and center. And a high-contrast e-ink display makes it visible from any angle. Then again, you can always ask Siri.

Keep your home healthy. Automatically.

Eve Room can trigger your air purifier, humidifier, fan, or any connected device you employ to keep conditions under control. Just set up a scene once, and let your home hub – Apple TV or HomePod – do the switching for you. Exactly when needed. Only when necessary.

Break free from wires.

Forget battery replacements and proprietary adapters. When power is low, simply connect Eve Room to any standard USB power supply, including your iPhone charger. Once the built-in battery is full, unplug Eve Room, put it wherever you want, and enjoy six weeks or more of wireless power.


Operating Range

0°C - 50°C / 32°F - 122°F
5% - 95% humidity

Typical ± 0.3°C / ± 0.54°F
Typical ± 3% humidity

Built-in rechargeable battery: 6+ weeks

Charging Port
Micro USB

Recommended charging power supply
5V: 500 mAh minimum

E-ink: 200 x 200 pixels

Wireless Connection
Bluetooth Low Energy

54 x 54 x 15 mm / 2.1 x 2.1 x 0.5 inches

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